The palace bastion restoration-enhancement project

This particularly complex fortification compound, which was extensively restored during the Italian period, was delivered to us in the middle of the 80s in a particularly deteriorated shape, after some of the most important original wall parts of the southeastern side had collapsed at an undetermined moment in time.

The restoration-enhancement work which has recently been completed, took place in three successive phases after 2006. At the present phase it has been a part of South Aegean 2011 National Strategic Reference Framework and to this day includes the artillery archway restoration, the domed access to the traffic levels and the rest underground areas of the bastion’s eastern side and the completion of the medieval well walls.

These constructions are built on a massive wall with transverse counterforts which are built in the bastion’s terreplein, a heavily inclined (scarp) base and great foundation depth. For the masonry and domes restoration, new, healthy stones from Arhangelos and Crete. The restoration of the wooden shelters from the Italian era took also place, at the nook of the gunposts of the bastion west side, as well as the coating of the large artillery platform with an earthen texture flooring, as it is intended to be used as an outdoor activities and other educational and cultural events venue.