Route B Scattered Monuments – Residential Area

Visitors may wander in the urban grid of the walled city of the Knights of St John and the edges of what later became the Turkish neighborhood. A distinguishing feature is the scattered churches of the byzantine and knight’s periods, the Mosques (Djamis) and the Ottoman baths.

Route C Eastern Section – Jewish Neighborhood

Visitors may tour the urban grid of the Knights’ walled city and the edges of what later became the Hebrew neighborhood of the city under the Turkish rule. Significant monuments which may be visited are the Lady of the Burgh, the Hospice of St Catherine with the diachronic archaeological site, the Hebrew Synagogue and small scattered byzantine and knight-era churches.

Route D Medieval Fortifications Course

The walk along the walkway of the medieval fortification, with entrance from the Palace of the Grand Magister and exit at the St John/Koskinou Gate offers a general idea of the fortification works structure and a breathtaking view to the interior of the walled city and the ports.

Route E Medieval Moat Archaeological Walk

The free archaeological circuit of the moat offers the opportunity for a very pleasant tour as well as rest, contemplation and a unique mental transfer to the Middle Ages. The views to the walls and bastions are impressive.

Route F Harbours and Medieval Mole

The busy area of the two central harbours and the three fortified moles of ancient and medieval periods is one of the most treasured routes of both locals and visitors. The fort-lighthouse of St. Nicholas, the base of the lost Naillac Tower and the mole of the Windmills are connected with a wooden walkway with an impressive view of the sea facade of the wall.

Route G Perimetric Park

A route through the perimetric park which is located on the edge of the moat counterscarp, with an impressive view to the fortification works.

Route A Hospitaller “Collachium” Area

Visitors may tour the Public buildings of the Order of the Knights of Saint John, the Palace of the Grand Magister, the Great Hospital of the Knights and the Inns of the “Tongues”.