The fort’s restoration-enhancement work

The contemporary operations on the monument complex of the medieval fort began in 1998 with the dismantling and transfer of the historical lighthouse in order to restore the disordered area of the tower’s stairwell.

The spiral stairwell was reconstructed and important works for the maintenance and securing of the medieval stonework took place at the tower and the tower cupola. The relief of St Nicholas, which is encased over the main entrance on the first floor of the tower, looking east to Myra, was removed and, after maintenance and restoration, was returned to its initial position. The historical lighthouse was rebuilt with new safety measures on the solid wall of the tower, with width of 5.00 m. and was moved with a north-western direction towards the city. In the present phase of the works, with the completion of the South Aegean National Strategic Reference Framework included project, the initial Zacosta fort is delivered restored, with an enhancement of its initial form and restoration of the tower-like structured entrance with a wooden bridge on the tower first floor. At the same time visitor and disability access points were created as well as production and installation of informational multimedia programs and video installations aiming to improve visitor numbers and the monument’s promotion.