With the completion of the seven projects of the NSRF 2007-2013, a large circle of collective work comes to its end for the team of the scientists-members of the Scientific Committee of the Old Town of Rhodes. A circle of eighteen whole years, since the unforgettable Elias Kollias founded the Technical Office, with the scientific supervision and guidance of the “Committee for the Monitoring of works in the Monuments of the Medieval City of Rhodes”.

A particular characteristic of the post-2000 period, with the Committee operating within the framework of the Management Fund for Archaeological Projects Execution (TDPEAE), was the creation of a contemporary mechanism with the capacity to deal with large scale construction sites. Stone carving and techniques for the restoration of Knight-era walls were improved during this time, important know-how for all the specialties of artworks restoration was developed and at the same time many specific interdisciplinary researches and studies were completed.

The restoration and enhancement works in Rhodes Old Town can never end. Continuous maintenance is vital in order to preserve what has been achieved so far. The renewal of staff, technical and scientific is a key factor for keeping everything that has been attained and for continuing the works. Know-how has to be passed to younger scientists and this cannot happen through a civil worker mentality, as it has already been proven. The revocation of the positions of scientific guidance, project management and the young colleagues “training” are serious blows for the continuation of these significant efforts.

I truly wish the leadership of the Ministry of Culture will realize this in time to prevent the strong thread created during the last thirty years from breaking.

Scientific Committee Chairman